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About Us

All Swamp Yeti cannabidiol (CBD) products are manufactured in United States based FDA approved manufacturing facilities according to the latest accredited cGMP standards. All of our products are carefully formulated under US regulations. Our industrial hemp-oil derived CBD products are legal to consume here in America and in many other countries without a prescription. Swamp Yeti Products does not distribute or sell any product that violates the United States Law or the Controlled Substance Act.

Swamp Yeti Products cannot make any health claims about CBD, due to FDA regulations; however, we can say that all of our CBD products are manufactured from organic, bio-dynamically grown European hemp and extracted in a low heat and low pressure environment. Our capsules and liquids are made from true, total full spectrum hemp oil which is standardized for the level of CBD we claim on the label and also contains all of the natural plant compounds in hemp, including 500 plus cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Our vaping products are made from the same full spectrum oil with the waxes and large compounds like chlorophyll removed. Our micelle and nano molecular products are also created from the full spectrum beginning oil. We never use synthetic CBD or CBD isolate as the research indicates that at best it is half as effective as full spectrum CBD and at worst is actually detrimental to the endocannabinoid system and one’s health.

Every step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure that you receive the best possible CBD product for your money. Our FDA approved manufacturing partners carry out quality assurance checks on every batch of our CBD products before, during and after the entire manufacturing process.

Each of our Swamp Yeti CBD products have a two year manufacturing warranty. Florida Swamp Yeti - the premium CBD brand you can trust.

About Our Micelle Nano Line of Elixir Products

Cannabinoids are a diverse set of non-psychoactive chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. When it comes to ingesting CBD, the main challenge you face is insuring that you are actually receiving effective dose levels - due to the notoriously low bio-availability that cannabinoids possess.

Cannabinoids exhibit extraordinarily low bio-availability due to three main reasons:

• They are prone to oxidative degradation meaning that expose to oxygen tends to destroy their potency.

• They are acid-labile compounds; that is, they rapidly decompose in acidic environments like the stomach.

• They are hydrophobic and lipophilic compounds which mean they are both water aversive and oil soluble. Their water aversive nature causes them to have problems dissolving in the aqueous environment of gastrointestinal tract and the oil solubility presents even bigger problems for them being absorbed into circulation by the small intestine.

What that means in practical, realistic terms is that only a very small percentage of cannabinoids in an oral preparation actually gets absorbed into the body. It is a fact that for every 10 mgs. of CBD listed as a dose on a bottle, you may be receiving below 2 mg. total, depending on the quality of the CBD oil tested. And there are a number of factors, ironically including illness, that can lower its effective dose below that. The truth is that even if you receive a CBD product from a reputable manufacturer, or even an oil direct from the extractor, only a percentage of the CBD of that product will find its way from the bottle to your cells. Even the liposome based water soluble CBD products, only at most, double CBDs bioavailability to the cells. And most of the water soluble liposome formulas are made with cheap Chinese CBD isolate.

Fortunately, biochemical technological acceleration, has already solved the bioavailability problem and is providing you with an almost completely bioavailable water soluble CBD ingredient. The key to this is in understanding what a micelle is and how it helps your body naturally absorb nutrients. A micelle is a natural, organic nanocarrier that naturally wraps itself around oil soluble compounds such as CBD making them imperious to acid, easily absorbed through passive diffusion in the small intestine, “happy” in aqueous environments such as the GI tract and very stable both in oxygen rich environment and in high heat environments including pasteurization temperatures.

The micelle process is one of the important outgrowths in the technological acceleration of science and we are pleased to inform you that Florida Swamp Yeti, now has the only true full spectrum micelle elixir product available that we know of in the marketplace.

Know what you get and get what you pay for only by using Florida Swamp Yeti UNFAIR ADVANTAGE micelle CBD products.